About Our Business

We are a locally owned business in San Diego, California.

Our mission is to bring the concepts of Spiritual Recovery
to individual clients and addiction treatment centers
through counseling, in-service training, and seminars.

Rand C. Lundmark has worked in the addiction treatment
field for over twenty-five years. He is a Certified Alcohol
and Drug Counselor (CADC II) in California, holds a
Master's Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the
University of Santa Monica, and is a Doctoral candidate in
Transpersonal and Tibetan Buddhist Psychology at the
San Diego University for Integrative Studies.

Mr. Lundmark's experience includes development and
implementation of addiction recovery programming as the
Executive Director, Clinical Director,  Director of
Chemical Dependency, Dual Diagnosis, and Eating
Disorder programs at area behavioral health hospitals,
residential facilities, and out-patient treatment centers.